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A bilingual healer, Peruvian shamanic arts practitioner, and ceremonialist, Laurie Friedler plays a major role in everything Transformational Healing Arts, LLC does. A native of Puerto Rico, Laurie came to the United States in 1976 to pursue a post-graduate education in psychology. She worked as an outpatient Guidance Counselor at the Yale University Department of Psychiatry/Drug Dependency Unit offering evaluations, crisis intervention, psychological testing and counseling services for individuals, groups and families.

After an accident in 1999, Laurie turned to the study of energy medicine. She graduated in 2005 from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Sciences, based on pioneering work with the human energy field by a former NASA researcher and physicist. Her Hispanic roots soon inspired opportunities to immerse herself in the ancient shamanic teachings of indigenous wisdom keepers from Peru.
Through the years she has deepened her personal and professional relationship with the indigenous Q’ero from the Andean highlands, receiving many high level initiations and rites.

One of Laurie’s passions is to combine her love of indigenous cultures, travel and the evolvement of consciousness in the planet. Towards that end, she has been leading trips
to sacred sites for small, intimate groups of people who are interested in evolving consciousness.

"The magic of sacred places is that they generously offer the opportunity for an awakening experience to anyone who listens."

Shamanic Ceremonies

Laurie offers shamanic ceremonies to celebrate and honor Mother Earth’s cycles and passages in the United States and abroad. These ceremonies often involve the creation of an altar to support the work and to include individuals and the community at large. As Laurie explains it, earth-honoring ceremonies are some of the most natural and healing things in the world to do.

In her private, bi-lingual healing practice Laurie incorporates her educational background as a counselor and alternative energy methods, including shamanic healing.

"There is nothing more sacred than to witness and to reflect the courage and the longing of another human being. Her philosophy is to work with clients as the guide by your side and to create a grounded and sacred space that naturally unfolds the emergence of the True Self."
Laurie Fiedler


Embrace Life

Laurie embraces life to its fullest in her roles as ceremonialist, healer, therapist, tour organizer and community leader. She is a member of Brennan Healing Science Professional Association and the International Association of Health Practitioners.

Married to dentist Alan P. Friedler, Laurie cherishes her private life as wife and mother to three wonderful sons.

Translator And Author

A gifted translator and author, Laurie has translated and narrated many of the energy dynamics and Rahma teachings of Peruvian teacher, writer and UFO contactee Sixto Paz Wells, and has made them publicly available on her website.

In addition, Laurie’s translation and adaptation - with Maureen Gaffney - of Sixto’s book 
Tanis y el Magico Cuzco was released in English in 2013 in the United States, Tanis and the Magical Valley, A Journey Through the Inca Heartland.
Janis and the Magical Valley
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