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Ceremony is the art of ritually orchestrating connections with all life.

In the animistic world-view of indigenous traditions, the world is seen as a great web of life comprised of the energies of humans, animals, plants, and minerals – as well as elemental forces such as earth, fire, wind, waters, mountains, heavens and stars. These forces are various manifestations of the same life force energy at different vibratory levels.

As a ceremonialist, Laurie Friedler reverently engages these forces in dialogue and prayer in order to create or maintain a state of balance and harmony for individuals, the community, and the planet.

As an intermediary, she works with vision & guidance, respectfully calling upon these forces by making offerings to them and calling in healing and resolution.

Whether for healing or celebration, the synergistic blending and blessing of energies is an auspicious opportunity to work with nature.

Through ceremonies led by Transformational Healing Arts, LLC, these forces can be used for positive purposes.

Public And Personal Ceremonies:

  • Weddings
  • Births
  • Business openings
  • Dissolution of partnerhsips
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Space blessings
  • Clearings (homes, o鈁ices, land, building sites)

Visit Sacred Sites

These ceremonies often serve as sacred pilgrimages to natural settings and important sites. You will travel with like-minded souls to engage in ceremony and inspiration. By visiting locations that are known to be natural receptacles of planetary energy, spiritual insight and deep activation of powerful life forces are made possible.

Despacho Ceremonies

Despacho Ceremonies are ritual offerings in the tradition of Peruvian p'aqos, the shamans of the Andes. Offerings are made to the Apus, or mountain beings, Pachamama, and Mother Earth. There are numerous types of despachos:
  • Personal healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • Marriages and births
  • Physical and mental illness
  • Spiritual dis-ease
  • Auspiciousness/prosperity
  • Blessing of spaces
  • Karpays or rites of initiation.
Despacho ceremony
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