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Don Mariano’s visits to Transformational Healing Arts, LLC never fail to inspire and to heal. Here are a few of the comments from recent participants in his teaching events:

"A beautiful time with a beautiful legacy carrier. Don Mariano carries the lineage with such beauty and good humor. His blessing our mesas was a very special experience for me. I so appreciate him encouraging us to spread the teachings with creativity and love, freeing us up from dogma. We are taught the principles and then encouraged to allow the principles to bloom and grown within each of us."

Thank you, Laurie for all you do to bring him to us."

Eileen O’Hare

"My experiences with Don Mariano have been full of the deep and loving energy that spills from his heart and into mine. He is small but mighty! He is a great teacher, with patience and a practiced understanding of what is needed by the individual and the class as a whole. I have used the information from both workshops extensively in my shamanic practice. Don Mariano teaches in a way that the information is known intellectually but more importantly on an energetic level.

I have come away from the workshops feeling as if I had been cleansed with a golden light and my heart opened as if I had just returned from Peru. I hope I will be able to work with him again very soon."

Love and Light – Julieanne Palmer

"Doves did indeed fly in my heart when I found myself sitting with don Mariano Quispe Flores after a year of prayer and effort to study with him. It was so precious to connect with more than 30 other students who share my passion for this beautiful path, and to learn about the 7 layers of Pachamama and receive the sacred rites for each. Punctuated by don Mariano’s delightful personality and his trademark mischievous playfulness, this experience was life changing for me.

I’m profoundly grateful to don Mariano for making the arduous journey to the U.S. from his home in Peru to share this deep wisdom. I also offer my sincere gratitude to Laurie Friedler for all of the hard work I know that it required to plan and execute both his international visit and the workshop. And to don Odon Medina Calsin for his invaluable work translating don Mariano’s teachings. In particular, having the right translator is so crucial to preserving the integrity of this wisdom keeper’s direct teachings, as well as to his students being able to develop a meaningful dialogue in spite of the language difference. This was no “lecture.” 

What I experienced was unique in that we were gifted with a two-way conversation with don Mariano due to this close and trusted relationship with Odon, as well as our teacher’s genuine interest in our experiences, opinions, and questions. Don Mariano’s relentless stamina and patience was evident in his asking each of us to convey our thoughts and experiences. And his blessing of each and every mesa, each stone, for more than 30 participants, as well as gifting each of so many rites and other blessings is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Allison Peacock

"The workshop The Seven Layers of Pachamama and its accompanying ceremonies has rekindled my passion for studying and learning about the spiritual side of things and most of all of life. Don Mariano, in his unassuming way, brought us to an experience worth remembering and studying. It is also wonderful to be in the presence of like-minded people and sharing the experience with them. But most of all, I am glad to go through this experience with my daughter, Karrol, who also shares the same spiritual passion as I do.

I would also like to acknowledge the great work that Odon has done translating Don Mariano’s work in such a way that could be understood & appreciated by the rest of us. He is not merely a translator but also a teacher in his own way as he is also on the same path. It is nice to observe the kinship that he shares with Don Mariano, like father to a son which is so special.
It is my hope to be able to continue learning from Don Mariano and Laurie Friedler who both have so much to offer as we navigate through life’s ups and downs. Their guidance and teachings are invaluable. And for this, I am truly grateful."


"The Rainbow Layers of Pachamama workshop with Paqo Don Mariano, Don Odon, and Laurie Friedler was an extremely profound and powerful experience. The weekend was filled with ancient teachings, supportive guidance, life-changing ceremonies, and amazing new connections. Our knowledgeable guides lovingly held sacred space that made learning accessible for all.

Don Mariano’s authenticity shines through his kindness, humbleness, joyful smile, fun laughter, loving spirit, and stable presence. I have no doubt that all who participated not only left the experience carrying the strong healing energy and wisdom of Pachamama, but also a deeper understanding of our collaborative responsibility to share such traditions with others in our own unique ways. Having had this experience, I am excited to incorporate what I’ve learned into my life and plan to continue my journey in exploring the Andean mystic/shaman traditions further.

In addition to the workshop, I also had the great pleasure of receiving a relaxing and gentle healing from Don Mariano, which has created shifts physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My gratitude cannot truly be expressed in words. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity and so look forward to Don Mariano’s next visit."

Karrol A.

"What an amazing experience to work with Don Mariano and Odon in the Pachamama workshop. It was truly life-changing, beautiful, humbling and empowering all at the same time. Don Mariano is so incredibly giving and generous, and his stamina is incredible to do the work he did and the sharing of this powerful ancient wisdom with over 30 people. Having Odon present to translate and share the teachings with us made the process seamless. Thank you for your sacred space holding for all of us, and taking on such a large task to organize the events and healing sessions, arrangements and communications with a group coming from all over the country, and beyond."

Deana Paqua

"Those on a certain path seek authentic individuals and experiences to expand one’s knowledge, awareness and consciousness whether for being in service to others or for one’s own spiritual and religious practice and edification. In these times of change many indigenous peoples across the globe have decided and shared that with the earth entering another age, the knowledge and history of their cosmogony and cosmology which comprise ancestral practices, traditions and belief systems must be shared for planetary survival.

Although I am ambivalent about the ‘west’ tainting the ‘purity’ of such individuals and cultures, I also recognize and understand now is the time for those who are inclined to a particular tradition (even if not their own culture or experience) to learn and practice such earth based systems from teachers to serve and heal ourselves, others and the planet. Laurie Friedler is a woman in such service and her relationship with don Mariano and the Andean traditions of the Q’ero people is a true and authentic teaching and practice which carries deep knowledge of the nature of reality.

I am so honored to have learned much from these two individuals and am grateful for a spirit practice (that although a northern European white man raised in a conservative Christian tradition), I can embrace wholeheartedly (if somewhat sheepishly sometimes). I am so very happy for don Mariano’s willingness to share his ancestral knowledge of his culture and people for the benefit of humankind and the earth; and to Laurie Friedler for her commitment, effort and grace in providing such a heartfelt teaching and learning experience for the betterment of me and my spiritual practice in the world."

Dennis Helmus
Don Mariano holding flowers
Don Mariano
Don Mariano
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