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A Holistic Approach To Healing

Laurie’s approach to healing is holistic – focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic being.

The process of healing is a deeply personal journey that requires time, courage, and self-love. In the beginning you may feel that you lack one, two or all three of those requirements. But, you’re not alone!

As a “guide by your side,” Laurie supports your self-initiated transformation by providing a grounded, sacred and intimate space to assist the unfolding of greater well-being.

In your healing sessions Laurie may help you examine a wide range of issues such as life stressors, belief systems, attitudes, family history, diet, dreams, longings and relationships.

Together you will determine how to support your process: hands-on-energy healing to balance and harmonize your energetic bodies, accessing other dimensional consciousness through shamanic journeying and guided mediation, healing despacho ceremony, family-constellation work, journaling or other creative expressions.

Transformational Healing Arts, LLC is conveniently located in Madison, CT, so stop by and see us during our regular business hours.
Healing Services

Benefits Of Healing Sessions

  • Physically - you will feel recharged and balanced. It is common for clients to experience a new form of physical relaxation initiated by a release of tension and stress, which in turn, allows for new physical awareness.
  • Emotionally - you will feel calmer and more aware of your inner experience. Over time you may become increasingly conscious of your emotional patterns and negative belief systems. As your heart opens to self-acceptance and compassion, you will have the wisdom to extend those feelings towards others.
  • Mentally - you will think more clearly. You will be more focused and better able to communicate your needs effectively with co-workers and family members. You will feel more inspired to explore and pursue creative endeavors.
  • Spiritually - you will seek your life’s purpose by experiencing your divinity, which connects you to a greater source.
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