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Welcome to a special section of the Transformational Healing Arts, LLC website for English-speaking students and readers of the Rahma materials.

Laurie Friedler met author and lecturer Sixto Paz Wells in 2003. After traveling with him to sacred locations 3 or 4 times, they eventually went on to lead a Peruvian pilgrimage together, including introducing him to Q’ero wisdom keepers and medicine people.

“I don’t believe in gurus, in other words buying into everything someone else says about life or spirit; yet in Sixto I see someone who clearly has a message to impart,” says Laurie.
After getting to know the Rahma literature personally, Laurie has been privileged to collaborate with Sixto in making his work available to English speakers – the immense work required, a labor of love. She has also translated one of his children’s books into English.
Rahma is important to Laurie because she considers it a segue to connection with self, others and beyond.

To truly connect, Laurie believes you must engage the whole self, to see beyond through the eyes of the heart to find the point of oneness – the place where you are an intricate,  inseparable part of the whole. From this point, one can experience the self beyond self in the all-time. For many people, it is from this place where contact with other realities is possible.
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