Soq'a The Nature Spirits

Soq'a the Nature Spirit

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If you or a loved one has experienced a sickness that cannot be explained, there is a chance that it is due to the mischievous Soq'a spirit. Through ceremonies led by Transformational Healing Arts, LLC, these spirits can be lured out.

Soq’a: The Mischievous Nature Spirits

Soq’a is a nature spirit that manifests as a symptom of unbalance gone awry in search of its due.

Soq’a is a powerful nature spirit that hovers around wakas (sacred sites) and cementery. At their best these nature spirits are playful yet they can also be the mighty Punishers for disrespect and neglect. Soq’a spirits are seductive and tricksters and seek to have their place of importance and their due.

It has been said that Soq’a can kill a person but that is not necessarily true. The spirit of Soq’a manifests by entering a person’s body in a variety of ways and create havoc as in the case of illness. You can breathe it, ingest it or transmit it through sexual intercourse. Don Mariano explains: “Soq’a comes into your body and can eat you from the inside. The afflicted person starts shrinking, and eventually mummify. It kills you little by little like the symptoms of TB. Doctors can’t find anything wrong. No disease. In the case of women it doesn’t kill you but makes you pregnant”.

As a seductive spirit, Soq’a camouflages and take the likeness of a loved one (such as a husband) and enters a woman’s body physically through the act of intercourse. Don Mariano says: “…the babies born are deformed with no eyes and can even have horns. Those babies can become normal over time once Soq’a leaves but often they serve special functions in the community such as caring for their parents and grandparents all the time.”

Soq’a is not uncommon and it appears symptom of an unbalance gone awry. When there is sickness that cannot be explained and that defy treatment it can be attributed to Soq’a.

In the Q’ero communities, Soq’a is respected and given respect. The antidote is to feed Soq’a and the truce is done with a despacho to restore harmony to Pachamama.
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