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Sacred pilgrimages are both a physical journey to a sacred location and an internal, spiritual experience.

Whereas all places are sacred, there are special places on our planet where the convergence of powerful energies form portals that open to multi-dimensional planes.

Some of these places are found in caves, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, ancient ceremonial temples, pyramids, shrines, churches, synagogues, as well as places where historically significant events took place. These places attract pilgrims, inspiring to connect with the land and the people who inhabited these lands.

We activate our intentions within ourselves and they are manifested through our prayers, sounds and vibrations. By ceremonially activating our intentions and harnessing the inherent power of a sacred site, we are awaken and co-create a relationship with Mother Earth and her web of life. In ceremony, we are transforming, transmuting and transfiguring all at the same time.

Travel to these sacred places with Transformational Healing Arts, LLC to engage in a mystical, but grounded, earth centered experience.

Embark On A Mystical Experience

If you want a heart-centered, mystical but grounded and earth centered experience run do not walk to Laurie Friedler. Pilgrimages to sacred sites during times of solstices or equinoxes are healing experiences for the land, the individual and the community.

Laurie leads pilgrimages to sacred sites in the United States and abroad for small, intimate groups of people seeking to connect and deepen their experience with the land. Her events are open to the general public: anyone has the opportunity to participate.

Recent trips to Peru and Puerto Rico have offered participants unique opportunities to immerse themselves in the country’s history, culture and healing traditions as well as the rituals and ceremonies with native shamans (curanderos).

Travel Testimonials

The Adventure of a Lifetime!!
"I knew this was the trip to go to Peru on and that this was the way to do it- as a pilgrim and as a tourist. Laurie took us there both ways; she truly is an amazing woman! I know this because her open heart, trustworthiness, skill, humor and clear intention told me so. She is organized and can handle the details as deftly as working with spirit and translating meditations from Spanish to English (I’m a gringo with no Spanish skills beyond please and thank you). Her vision for the trip was incredible; and this became true far beyond what I could have imagined from the itinerary or the cost. The experience was physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intentional, fun, intense, eye-opening, heart filling, exhausting in a good way, meditative, spirit driven and to quote Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas, ‘simply mahvelous dahling’.

I would follow Laurie anywhere. I would follow Sixto anywhere. I would be with my group again anywhere. If you want a heart-centered, mystical but grounded and earth centered experience run do not walk to Laurie Friedler.

Thanks to all of you special women- unique individuals with humor, grace, love, and joy triumph over the vicissitudes of life and unhappiness that visits all of us from time to time, pilgrims of a greater God, lovers of earth and sky and sea and sand (and jewelry), and for your affection and acceptance, patience and forebearance, understanding and interest, where we could be our authentic selves rather quickly – and again, to you Laurie and Sixto as guides and lights along the way as we pile into the cosmic van for a road trip to the stars and back…happy trails until we meet again whether in this life or another."

Dennis Helmus
Northampton, MA

Heartfelt Gratitude for a Life Changing Experience!
"Not only I experienced (too many to count) powerful moments of clarity and love, I gained life friendships and lessons. The opportunity to travel with our beloved Q’eros, the Guides, Laurie and Sixto and each one of the individuals in the group was a treasure beyond all expectations.

Those two weeks that Laurie arranged so beautifully were FULL and it seemed like I lived a life time; and since returning home I wish it never ended. I trust Laurie’s judgment implicitly and I am 100% confident I wouldn’t want to miss the next one.

I am a more whole person because of this trip. Count me in for the next journey!"
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Laurie with Mesa in the West Portal
Laurie and woman shaman
Cascada at El Yunque - Sacred trip
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